Making A Muddle

My Muddle cover

We finally did a thing. A good thing!..we think.

First we made a song. It is called My Muddle. Then we made a video. That is called My Muddle as well. It was hard, but we like it hard. We went for one take in public around Brighton, with a finale of a band of children playing the song (amongst other weirdos along the way). We were idiots for trying, but the Gods of reason, truth and impeccable choreography were smiling down on us, and by gum it worked.

Here’s a glimpse into the (severely controlled and child-friendly) madness :

We released the video as an exclusive on and within a week it became the second most popular video on the website! (second only to Placebo’s top ten songs…outgunned 10/1. It was a simple numbers game.) So a massive thank-you to everyone who watched it and liked it. You. Are. Safe.

So we had ourselves a little party daan Landan, and it was sold out! You are good people.

So the single and video finally come out Monday the 12th November. Vinyls soon after. Gigs all the time. Come and say hi! We owe you a drink!


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