OUR FIRST ALBUM!!! (for the second time)

Our first blog entry on this site was an announcement that our debut album was finished and coming your way. It was a lie. But we didn’t know that then. Never trust the press.

We took ages to get it mixed, by which time half the band had changed and we’d started dropping all those old duffers from the set. We did the whole find-your-sound-thing and didn’t really see the point in putting out anything other than what we know we’re capable of. So that album is ditched. Maybe when I’m dead you can trade it on Facebook and pretend it’s awesome.

So now that it’s not all rumors and maybes here’s the cold hard facts.

We recorded the record over the last couple of months with producers Pablo Clements & James Griffith (UNKLE / Nick Cave). Pablo produced some amazing goals on fifa ’12. All smart bastard sarcasm aside, they are actually sick in the mind, and I’ve never been so blown away in a studio. They’re dear ol’ friends but I just didn’t know what they were capable of.

Also Liela from The Duke Spirit has graced our record. She’s easily one of the most talented singers I’ve ever heard. I felt stupid and nervous inviting her to play on our stuff, and stupider and nervouser watching her nail it. She’s a complete gem and we can’t thank her and all The Duke Spirit kids enough for being such sweet souls.

Everything is now in the more than capable hands of Darren Beale (Kosheen) who is mixing it. Needless to say he’s a talented and handsome man, and is making us sound way better than we are.

I wish I knew when you can hear and hold this stuff. We should know more of that soon..ish. In the meantime we’ll be givin it the biggun across the mean streets of UK real soon (dates nearly all sewn up, and will be up here next week) and you can hear all the new tracks in the stinky flesh

Keep it unreal

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