We’re Back!!-ish



You have no idea how hectic the last couple of months have been for me. Firstly I watched all of The Sopranos. Then I watched all of The Office. Then I watched all of Arrested Development. Then I watched all of Frasier (!?)

In true, cliched,  music / jungle-law “The Wait” is finally upon us. While we sorted out legistical nightmares concerning mixing our debut, I occasionally broke free from James Gandolphini’s beautiful face and wrote some more. This left us with a surplus of material, and now we can finally announce how it will all be released!

As we’re finishing everything (FINALLY) now, we’ll be able to give you release dates quite soon. Firstly, there’ll be a new EP. It’ll feature our next single “Busy Fingers”alongside 4 other lo-fi, quite minimalist offerings. Right behind that will be the album titled “Life’s A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!”

We’re aiming for it all to be out by Feburary. BAM.

Live-wise we are starting up again. The break was most unwelcome. Everything will get announced on Myspace and Facebook first so keep a look out there.

Keep It Unreal


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