Glasto – done and dusty


mental show : the heaviest band, playing the softest stage? We like a challenge, and challenges seem to like us.

We carried our backline across Glastonbury’s main site BY HAND, threw our limited gear onto a worryingly, bouncy, globe-shaped stage, played two sets in a row, broke some stuff (surely the Greenpeace stage can recycle the shattered glass of the once-were-lights)

After it all the last man in space, Craig Charles, gave us a mighty shout out on the BBC coverage. We haven’t found the footage yet, but found this on The Guardian blog :

“On the red button Craig Charles just gave an epic build up to a band called Bad For Lazarus. The antithesis of the sort of Beeb-Graun-NME approved fodder we’ve had on TV so far. Some of which is good but after a while it’s like, “is there nothing a bit different?” Which is what this festival’s meant to be about. So anyway, he tells us about their mad Clash-meets-Zep-meets-thrash brazen screamy mayhem that had the crowd wild.

And then said “We can’t show you them. But for those who didn’t catch them, here’s another chance to see Mumford and Sons from yesterday.”

Have Mumford and Sons got the Director General’s children held hostage in a basement somewhere?”

Recording the album next week. Good things


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