Tour Reviews (from Eighties Matchbox tour / June 2010)

London :

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster might be a bit of a mouthful for most folk but a bit more than you bargain for is exactly what you get with this lot.  As last minute sound checks are carried out the Garage is steadily filling it’s voids with an array of different fans.  Earlier on Bad For Lazarus do their best psychedelic effort to get the party started.  Their set is started with possibly one of the craziest introductions ever until Rich Fownes tackles the introductionist and gets things rolling. Rich Is a crazy blur of hair and guitar on the stage barking out like a schitzo on speed.  It’s all very entertaining at first and praise has to be given, the way they keep up the energy is awe inspiring.

Birmingham :

Black Fangs had the misfortune of sharing the stage with Bad for Lazarus, a Brighton band whose performance can be expressed with one simple word: mayhem.
Imagine a bunch of long haired dudes – well, except for the drummer and the guitarist, whose hair could be described more like “fluffy” than “long”, the kind that you want to take a nap inside – frantically jumping up and down the stage like they’re about to tear the place down, sometimes smashing into one another, other times throwing things at the audience. They were so agitated I think they scared the people a bit, especially when the lead singer unexpectedly jumped in front of the stage and landed a few inches away from someone’s head – so after the first five minutes most of them had migrated to the back of the venue for safety! Bad for Lazarus have the attitude of an insane, megalomaniac amphetamine-powered eighties hair metal band, but their music is grungy, angry and carries the scent of the early nineties. They’re simply a must-see live.

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Bad For Lazarus
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